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Artist statement
I have to create art because for me it is an extension of myself.  Being an artist requires passion just as much as discipline.  Passion is not about my emotional state because it is a mystical commitment.  It is surrendering to my creative process and reacting to the creativity and energy around me.  The discipline is having non-negotiable studio time.

This particular body of work is about reaction because until February of 2012 I was without a permanent space to paint. I frequently had to adjust to a new space. Therefore, during the first few days of a new space I painted to just paint.  Most of the time, these interim paintings were painted over and sometime I would creative a painting that I could walk away from feeling satisfied and exhausted.
This series is about reaction because art involves so much personal perception from both the artist and the viewer.  One viewer may be attracted to a painting because of the use of red.  Color can invoke positive and negative responses for viewers.  Therefore, color choice can be very difficult. Sometimes I chose colors randomly and other times I will chose for very specific reasons.  I will work them for several painting and then move on to another group of colors.  There are also viewers that focus on texture or rhythm. During the process as an artist, I am reacting to several different things all at once.  I am responding to the music that I have playing in the background moving fast or slow to the tempo.  I am reacting to how wet or dry my canvas is and then to the blending of the colors.  I am giving into the method of just creating something non-representational allowing me to simply respond to the process of making art. 
Shea Hartmann Hodges

Shea Hartmann Hodges is an artist. The use of color unifies her work as a whole, using a combination of realism and abstraction to create her own style. In 2012, she was selected to be part of the Artist Chose Artist exhibition at the Sioux City Art center. In 2011, she won third place for her painting, The Space in Between, at the Morningside College All Student Show. In addition, The Space in Between was selected for the 2011 Kiosk publication.  Shea had a Solo Senior Thesis Exhibition at Morningside College in the Eppley Gallery.  She has presented three original fiction pieces at the Sigma Tau Delta International Conventions in 2009, 2010, and 2011. Shea has her B.A. in Studio Art and English from Morningside College.  She was an involved student.   She is a member of Sigma Tau Delta: Gamma Beta Chapter.  She was president in the 2009 -2010-school year and in the 2010-2011 school year she was the Associate Student Representative for the Midwestern Region. Shea was born in Onawa, Iowa on December 12, 1980.  In 2000, She moved to Sioux City, Iowa where she met her husband, Ron Hodges. They currently live in Sioux City where they are raising their sons Macguire, Kye, and Caysen.

Shea Hartmann Hodges

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