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Art by Nature

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When it comes to enthusiasm for nature and wildlife, artists are some of the most fervent champions.  Deb Gengler-Copple has chosen oil and pastels to express her self artistically and to communicate a powerful connection with nature and wildlife.

My work is representational with a slight impressionistic edge. I set the mood by playing with background color, and using the pastel like a big loose brush. I add layers of pastel color to bring out the light in the scene and the spirit of the animal.

Kathy Audus

Into the Light Studio

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Artist Statement
My goal is to create meaningful artwork that stirs the viewer's soul. My life experiences and my love for art and for the scriptures compels me to bring the light of His word into a picture form that otherwise may not have been considered... hence the name of my business, Into The Light Studio.

From my earliest memories in rural South Dakota, it has always been about music and art.  I grew up on a farm and benefited from very creative parents, each in their own way. My Mother taught me to sing and sew and my Dad, who could build anything, instilled in me his love for the beautiful rolling farmland and wildlife that surrounded us. As a child, I loved to draw. They bought me my first set of oil paints. I loved the smell of it and the rich, vibrant colors!  The creative die was cast.  

I painted my 1st commission painting at 16 for my Uncle Wib; a  beautiful and robust milk cow on a 4x8 sheet of plywood...he loved it and paid me well!  I was amazed and inspired with the possibilities.  To this day I love the challenge of commission work and the variety it brings my way.  Half the fun is researching each new project.
I am, for the most part, self taught. With great interest, I have studied the dramatic work of the Hudson River School of Art,  James Bama and the European Masters. I work in several mediums: pastels, pen & ink, watercolors, oils and acrylics. I have participated in many art shows and my art hangs in businesses and homes throughout the mid west. My work has won many awards in juried competitions including Judges Choice, Peoples Choice, the Purchase Prize and Best of Show.   

Because of my love for singing, some of my artwork naturally reflects a musical 'Night Song' and 'The Minstrel's Song'. In the mid 80’s I apprenticed with a sign and graphics company and after a few years I started my own logo design and sign business.  It laid the groundwork to paint murals.  My favorite is an 8’ x 16’ mural of Mount Rushmore (see photo) painted on both sides of a DM & E Rail Road engine. It was so exhilarating I barely ate or slept til it was done.  I moved to Sioux City in 1995 where I continue to do murals and varied kinds of art.   I am the proud mother of two and a grandmother. I love teaching those grand kids to paint and sing.

I attend several shows a year in the Siouxland area. I have Giclee prints professionally made of some of my favorite works that can be purchased and shipped very economically. They run in price from $20 to $150.  My work ranges from traditional in style to abstract. I occasionally paint from my own photographs. It is a joy to create a beautiful painting from a less than perfect photo. Much of my inspiration comes from dreams or everyday life and often it’s spiritual in theme. Every painting has its own story and represents a lesson or milestone in my life. I have found that many viewers identify with these experiences. I believe our gifts and talents come from the Master Creator.  He has a perfect plan for each of us. I am happiest when I paint or I know it is part of His plan for me.

I hope my artistic endeavors bring enjoyment to others, as it has surely been a joy to create them. Thank you for taking the time to read about me and my lifelong passion for the arts.

Original Art Work, framed or unframed - Limited Edition Giclee Prints - Commission Art - Murals - Logo Design - Face Painting - Miniatures

Judy Boyle

Judy Boyle Painting

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When I was very young I loved to draw. Now that I'm close to the other end of the life spectrum, I'm still drawing and painting and loving it even more.

My first love is palette-knife painting in oils. I also enjoy watercolors, pastels and acrylics.
The newest phase that I'm in is "junk art." This began when I had no place to paint due to the flood. I've been collecting buttons, tins, PVC pipe, along with twine and rope. I'll put these items on canvas and paint them. It has been a great way to keep the art juices flowing.
My Tuscany palette-knife oil show was in October 2011 at the Sioux City Art Center. It was wonderful to be able to work at the art center during the summer to get ready for this, since I had no place to paint due to the flood.

I thank God every day for many things, but especially for the gift that He gave me to draw and paint. It's a wonderful hobby-business that I will always enjoy.

Pauline Sensenig

Art Studio

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Pauline Sensenig maintains an art studio in downtown Sioux City where she focuses on creating drawings and paintings.  She is recently retired from teaching in the art department as an adjunct faculty member at Morningside College and also from Western Iowa Technical College.  She has exhibited her artwork throughout the Midwest and her work is in both private and corporate collections.  She is active in the Sioux City art community.