Ann Marie McTaggart

McTaggart Studio

#427 Commerce Building

(712) 490-1029

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Artist Ann Marie McTaggart is an experimental painter whose work is influenced by the philosopher Henri Bergson’s concept of the vital force or as Bergson identifies the "Elan Vital".  McTaggart, a former oncology RN, began her journey back to academic art studies in the 90s.  She finished her BS in Studio Art at Morningside College in Sioux City Iowa, later a BFA in Painting and a MA with a Fine Art emphasis in painting at the University of South Dakota.  Ann has shown her work in both juried and solo shows throughout the Midwest. Most of her exhibitions have been in Minnesota, Illinois, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Iowa.  Ann attributes her personal experiences in oncology nursing and also her interests in the feminine persona as her work’s inspiration. Ann currently has a studio downtown Sioux City Iowa, in the Commerce Building.

Ann Marie McTaggart

  • Buoyant Flight 36"/36"
  • Dance of the Lone Goose 36"/36"
  • Lone Duck IIn 36"/36"
  • Lone Duck III 36"/36"
  • Ascension of the Great Bird- 48"/48"/2"
  • Chalk Bird III- 46"/42"/2"
  • Chalk Bird V- 42"/42"/2"
  • Chalk Bird II- 46"/48"/2"
  • Pierrot Clown II- 48"/48"/1.5"
  • Chalk Bird VI- 48"/48"/1.5"