Deb Gengler-Copple

Art by Nature

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When it comes to enthusiasm for nature and wildlife, artists are some of the most fervent champions.  Deb Gengler-Copple has chosen oil and pastels to express her self artistically and to communicate a powerful connection with nature and wildlife.

My work is representational with a slight impressionistic edge. I set the mood by playing with background color, and using the pastel like a big loose brush. I add layers of pastel color to bring out the light in the scene and the spirit of the animal.

Deb Gengler-Copple

  • brave-heart
  • first-encounter
  • four-leaf-clover
  • in-the-gold
  • in-the-lead
  • male cardinal
  • on-the-edge
  • power-pack
  • sleepy-head
  • sneak-peek