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When I was very young I loved to draw. Now that I'm close to the other end of the life spectrum, I'm still drawing and painting and loving it even more.

My first love is palette-knife painting in oils. I also enjoy watercolors, pastels and acrylics.
The newest phase that I'm in is "junk art." This began when I had no place to paint due to the flood. I've been collecting buttons, tins, PVC pipe, along with twine and rope. I'll put these items on canvas and paint them. It has been a great way to keep the art juices flowing.
My Tuscany palette-knife oil show was in October 2011 at the Sioux City Art Center. It was wonderful to be able to work at the art center during the summer to get ready for this, since I had no place to paint due to the flood.

I thank God every day for many things, but especially for the gift that He gave me to draw and paint. It's a wonderful hobby-business that I will always enjoy.

Judy Boyle

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