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For more than 40 years, Sioux City native Jerry Pospeshil has been using a camera and a trained eye to capture photographs of the best sights in Siouxland.

Starting in about the 6th grade, Pospeshil helped his father, Harold, in the darkroom where he learned the complexities of printing quality, custom photographs.  By the time he graduated from Heelan High School in 1966, He was photographing weddings.  He then enlisted in the Army and spent three years as a Signal Corps photographer.

Many of his outstanding photos become part of a postcard business that was started by his grandfather, Albert Pospeshil, in the early 1950’s.  These same photos, when enlarged, matted, and framed by Pospeshil, also adorn a growing number of restaurants, lobbies, conference rooms, office walls, and homes around Siouxland.

“Siouxland is a great place to live, work, play, and raise a family.” Says Pospeshil.  “I really enjoy showing Siouxland at its best.  The digital age and new techniques like HDR (high dynamic range) keep photography really exciting for me.”

The Siouxland Chamber of Commerce has awarded Pospeshil the Pride of Siouxland Award and the Star of Siouxland Award for the positive impact his photographs have had in promoting the community.  Pospeshil’s photos have been published on calendars, in Newsweek, Country Extra, and several travel magazines.

Jerry Pospeshil

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