Michael Greiner

Fine Art Photography

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Hi, I am Michael Greiner and a life-long resident of the Sioux City area. I have been interested in photography since the early 1980’s and over the next ten years self-learned, with the guidance of the amazing wealth of talent found in the Sioux City Camera Club. Life’s priorities in time shut down the darkroom and the cameras started collecting dust. After a 20 year hiatus and retooled by the magic of the digital age my creative urges once again got the better of me. New found support and encouragement was just what I needed to continue on this journey started so long ago. I hope you enjoy looking in from time to time as I express life as seen through the lens.

Michael Greiner

  • Booze
  • Cliff Hander
  • Doe-Ray-Me
  • EYE
  • Gallina Ill Early Morn
  • Old town Omaha
  • Paragrin
  • Power Up
  • Ridge Road Lookout
  • Super Moon Fly By